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And we are off! Thus begins a journey. A blog. I’m using this blog as a chance to sort of word vomit. I have many thoughts and feelings that literally I don’t have a chance to process all of them. I feel like my mind is running a race that never ends. Always going. Never slowing down. Then I hit bumps in the road and my whole thought process is messed up. So my brain gets clogged and stopped up from time to time. I thought that this would be a great way for me to do several things all at once.

  • #1) Clear my head
  • #2) Write out my thoughts so I can actually grasp them
  • #3) Destress
  • #4) Let ya’ll have a better understanding of how I think, process information, and feel about various topics
  • #5) Hopefully, encourage anyone else who feels or has similar thoughts as me, and vice versa. If anyone else feels the same way as me on various subjects then they can relate to me as well, and share with me their opinions.
  • #6) Learn and Grow. Probably the most important. By allowing me to process all this information that’s cluttering up my head I can learn and grow myself into a better person.
  • #7) Have Fun!!! (’cause blogs can be fun and funny!)

So now that ya’ll know my reasons for wanting to do this I hope ya’ll have as much fun as I do. I’ll be honest some of the stuff I think about is hilarious. Sometimes it’s happy, sad, exciting, disappointing, joyous, heartbreaking. Many emotions, feelings, and thoughts are going through my head every second I don’t have the words to explain them all. But I hope through this blog we can learn more about me together. And hopefully, you will find something that will help or encourage you.

Not a long enough of an introductory post? I didn’t think so either, so if you want to learn more About Me or What an INFJ is then check out my other pages. There’s some interesting stuff on there…

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed leave a like or a comment! Follow me on my social media! I’m going to try and post on it often! Till next time: Peace, and God Bless!!

~~~INFJ Mickey

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