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A day in the life of Mickey. I’ll be honest this didn’t sound like an interesting topic to me, but a friend of mine suggested it. So I figured I’d give it a shot. Sorry if ya’ll find my life boring! I’m going to go ahead and describe a typical Monday for me.

Monday starts out for me at 4:50 am. My alarm goes off, and I want to get out of bed, but I’m so tired. My eyelids feel so heavy. I just want a few more minutes. I turn off my alarm (because I hate the snooze button) and I set the alarm for 10 minutes. I’m upset with myself because I didn’t use to be so bad at getting up early. I used to get up at 3:30-4:30 every morning, and as soon as the alarm went off, I’d pop out of bed with ease. But right now I’m too tired to care. The alarm goes off again. It’s 5:00. I’m still exhausted, which I find is weird because I used to get up at 5 am after going to bed at 12 am every night. So I get frustrated at myself again, but I don’t care. I turn off my alarm and set another one for another 10 minutes. During these 2 intervals, I usually try to think about my happy dreams that way, I start my day off happy. But then begin to think about the rest of my day and the rest of the week and I unintentionally get distracted from my peaceful dream state into planning my week. By this point, it’s too late to enjoy my dream state any further, so I turn off my alarm a few minutes before it goes off. It’s about 5:08 now. I grab my phone and scroll through my phone on social media just to see what my friends said while I slept. After a few minutes, I get up and put on my shirt. (Yes I sleep with my shirt off, lol) Next, I grab my Bible, open the door to my room, and head out into the hallway.

The first thing I do as I step out is to check the lighting on the floor. I see a faint tint of orange on the floor, which means that the light is on in the dining room or kitchen. That means someone is up, which is 99% of the time, my parents. I round the corner and head towards the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee. I see my parents, but I know they are going to say good morning to me. I wait for them to say good morning first because several times I’ve tried to say it first and I end up saying it at the same time as them, which is weird because then idk if they heard me or not. Once I didn’t repeat it because I thought my dad heard me say it at the same time as him, but apparently, he didn’t and said: “I said good morning.” To which I then felt bad because I’d said good morning and he hadn’t heard me, so now he thought I was being rude or was ignoring him. Which I’d never do intentionally. Good grief this is going to be a long day if it took me that long to explain why I wait for my parents to say good morning before I say it back. Anyway, moving on. As I’m headed to the kitchen, I pass by the dining room table. I go and set my Bible on the table and continue walking to the kitchen to the coffee pot. To which begins another lengthy process.

Scenario A, my mom tells me there is coffee in the coffee pot that I can have, so I don’t need to ask if I can have any. In that case, I’d just pour myself a cup and move on. Scenario B, my mom doesn’t say anything, and I get to the coffee pot, and there is coffee left in the pot. If there is coffee left I will go and ask if I can have it. (There have been a few times they’ve wanted the last little bit and make a new pot afterward, or want the last little bit and have me run water through the pot to make more for myself.) Scenario C, there is no coffee in the coffee pot. This leads to a branch of other decisions that need to be made. Decision C1, make my own half a pot of coffee. This is a good idea but would require precious time because I’d have to wait for the coffee pot and it usually takes a while before it will stop dripping. And I don’t have time just to sit around and wait since I try to leave the house around 6:25 am. Decision C2, use the Bunn to make a single cup of coffee. It doesn’t take as long, but then there is the hassle of making sure I clean everything and put it back the way I found it because it was a gift from my dad to mom. Then there is Decision C3, get Starbucks on my way to work. I like this option the best at this point, but it costs money. Decision C4, I make hot chocolate. This is an option great because it’s instant and has no mess, but I don’t get any caffeine to wake me up. But there are marshmallows, so there’s a bonus. Today was a lucky day for me, and I didn’t have to go through that web of decisions. I only made it to Scenario A. So today I made it to the coffee pot and made myself a cup off coffee. Then I head to the table where I read 2 chapters of my Bible. I read Ecclesiastes 3-4 today. Depending on how tired I am, I may go back and reread some of what I read. I usually finish reading my Bible before I finish my coffee, which if that’s the case I’ll do one of…you know what no. I’m not going to explain several different scenarios for every second of my day. We’ve only made it to 5:40! After I finish reading my Bible, I check my watch to see what time it is and see how I’m doing on my schedule. I see it’s 5:40 so I have roughly 10-20 minutes before I need to start booking it. During this time I either re-enter my dream state I was in earlier, finish planning out my day, check out my bible app to look at what everyone else is doing, do a few devotionals on my phone, or scroll through my social media more in-depth. Today I did a devotional called “Battlefield of the mind” then scrolled through my apps. By now it’s 5:50 am, and I need to get finished quickly for work. I go and clean up any leftover mess from the coffee I drank earlier and put my coffee cup in the sink.

I go back to my room and put my Bible back away in my black backpack, so when I take my bag to church on Wednesday, I don’t forget my Bible. Then I grab my clothes to go take a shower. I spend less time deciding since it’s a Monday, and I just grab whatever I think will look good together. After grabbing my clothes, I head to the bathroom and take a quick shower, do my hair, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, etc. By this time it’s 6:05 am, and I’m back in my room. Now I tidy up my room with the little time I have left. I make my bed and pick up anything that I feel like needs to be picked up asap. Anything I don’t pick up I mentally make a note of when to do it later, which usually doesn’t happy often. (Which makes me mad at myself) After I finish in my room, put on my socks, glasses, and make sure I have everything in my pockets. I go and grab my shoes from my closet, turn off all the lights in my room, and shut the door as I leave. I go put my shoes by the door and head back to the kitchen. Now I have to make myself a lunch for today. I will say I’ve been lazier than I usually am. It’s been way easier just to grab a bowl, fork, and package of Top Ramen than make myself a dish of leftovers. So I’ve been eating the same lunch for almost two weeks. After I finish with making my lunch for today, I go and set it by the door. Now it’s 6:20 and I have roughly five minutes before I need to leave. So I go and sit on the couch right by the door and scroll through my social media, or I do a few more devotionals. Today I scrolled through social media and went and looked at my stats for WordPress to see how many people had liked it and viewed it while I was asleep.

Five minutes later, I put on my shoes, grab my lunch, and head out the door. Making sure to lock the door behind me. I get in the car, start some music, and start driving to work. Which is about a 30-minute drive for me. Those 30 minutes get really emotional for me, though. I have a playlist called “Upbeat” I always put on shuffle. The goal for the playlist was for the songs to be upbeat that would get my adrenaline going. To get me feeling invincible and pumped up for the day. However, that’s not the kind of songs in my playlist… Look I’ll be honest here, very few people know this about me…but I’m a sucker for sad love songs. (I know that’s weird, even more so for a guy, but it is what it is.) So this playlist is just a bunch of pop music that is about sadness, love, and a combination of the two. I currently have 16 songs in there right now, and if this post gets 10 likes I may share the whole playlist with ya’ll…just saying…

After I finally get to work, I grab my lunch and head inside. I clock in on average 10 minutes early. (I always try to be early to work. I feel like it shows that I have a good work ethic.) I put my lunch in the fridge, head into the office turn on my computer, and begin working. I’ll be honest. Work isn’t too interesting to talk about, so I’ll speed this up a bit since this is getting way longer than I expected. Basically, I put in my headphones and shuffle my “Upbeat” playlist, and I get to work. I work till 11:30 am when I take my lunch. During lunch, I usually watch youtube videos and scroll through social media while I eat my Ramen. After lunch, I work till 3:30 pm. Then I head home and listen to the same playlist on the way home. (Btw the only difference between me listening to the playlist on the way to and from work and being at work is that since I’m alone in my car, I will sing…)

Once I’m home, I put my lunch dish in the sink and usually talk to my mom, who is sitting on the couch. After we talk for a few minutes, I head to my room and get in bed. I’m exhausted, which honestly makes me mad at myself because I know there is so much I could do, but I just don’t have the energy to do it because I’m so tired. Which makes me even madder at myself because it doesn’t make sense why I’m tired. I’ve done harder and been less tired than I am now. It’s been like this for, and I’ve been trying to figure out what is causing it. After weeks and weeks of thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just mentally exhauseted to the point where it’s affecting me physically. This makes me mad at myself again because now it’s my fault. I’m tired. I know like this makes no sense like why would I do this to myself, or like what am I thinking about that makes me so mentally tired. Tbh I did cut out an important part about my work routine. As I’m working and listening to the playlist, I get emotional, and I start thinking. (I also realize when I say I get emotional, I need to explain myself because it’s not anything that you all would think. It’s complicated and is going to take another blog post for me to explain it. But the main point is I’m not emotional like physically showing it. It’s all internal.) So while I’m in this ’emotional’ state, I’m in deep thought. I’m literally thinking about everything under the sun pretty much. From school, to work, to friends, to family, to school again, to the future, to the past, to what I’m doing right now, to who I am, to what I want to be, the difference between the two, to reality, to my dream, to what do I want for lunch today, to my schedule, to what color is a unicrons horn, to working out, to the music I’m listening to and why it means so much to me, to what game I want to play at youth Wednesday, to what my devotional said this morning, to the fact I want black vans to go with my cloths better, to wanting to learn a backflip but I don’t want to break my neck, and so much more that I just can’t fit in one post. I literally have thousands and thousands of thoughts running through my head all the time, and being in such an emotional state on top of it wears me out mentally. Now I know what ya’ll are thinking, why do you listen to music then? Well, a simple answer would be because I love music. A full explaination would be for another blog post… Look I’m coming up with so many things to talk about already, lol. So basically processing all the different thoughts running through my head all day has worn me out, and I finally made it home into my bed.

Right now, I’m beat, exhausted, and just want to sleep. But at the same time, I don’t want to. I want to stay awake and work on my blog, school, and text my friends. But I’m just so sleepy. I just want to curl up, snuggle in my warm blankets, and slowly close my eyes. I just want that peaceful moment when I’m asleep, and my mind actually stops for once. Where there is just rest and no more worrying about what I need to do and trying to balance my schedule, emotions, thoughts, to-do lists (that seems to be growing), school, friends, and family. So much stuff and only so much space in my brain. Which is why I started this blog. To clear some space up there so I can make room for more stuff. By this point, my mom usually calls me for dinner. It’s about 5:30 pm now. I go and eat dinner with my family. I try to stay awake and still hold a conversation, but it can be really hard some days. Then after dinner, I head back to my room to work on something before I head to bed. Usually, I’ll work on my blog or school. Or if a friend texts me, I’ll text them back. If I’m really exhausted I’ll watch youtube videos till about 9 pm. By then, I’ll put away all my devices and go to sleep. It does not take me long at all to fall asleep since I’m so tired.

Well, that is what a day is like for me. Sorry, the end wasn’t as elaborate as the beginning. If I’d kept at that pace, we’d been here for a lot longer! If ya’ll want me to go into more detail on a specific part comment below and I’ll try to respond! If you thought something was cool or interesting, leave a like! Thanks so much for reading!!

Before I go though I did want to share the poll with you all as promised. So this poll is to let you all decide what you want to hear me discuss. So please take a second and vote. I’m just trying to talk about stuff that you all find interesting. Thank you all again for your time, and I hope you enjoyed reading at what a day is like for me! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know! Ya’ll are the best! Till next time, Peace! And God Bless!!!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

UPDATE: I released my Upbeat Playlist! Go and check it out!

6 comments on “A Day In The Life Of Mickey

  1. okayimateen says:

    10 likes — better share that playlist dude!

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    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      Awesome! As soon as I get home I’ll release it!

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    2. INFJ Mickey says:

      Ok Star, I shared the playlist as promised!

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