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Well, this day has been exciting already. I’m going to have three posts today! (This is the second one.) I’m going to do another one later this evening. I was planning on using this post to point out a few things that I wanted to say, and also ya’ll update on.

The first thing I wanted to mention was ya’ll interaction. For those of you who have liked or commented on my posts thank you so much! You don’t know how much it means to me that ya’ll do that. Also, thank you, everyone who has followed me! Every time I see that someone has followed me, I get so happy. It makes my day! So for those of you who don’t like my posts or follow me, I would so love it if you did. When you follow me, it encourages me to keep posting on more content because it shows me you want to read more of my posts. When you like a post, it shows me that you enjoyed it, and it shows me that you read it. And I love to see ya’ll interacting with my posts with comments. I want to be able to connect with ya’ll and bring more content that you will enjoy. I can’t do that unless you interact with me and my blog. So if you enjoy something, give it a like or comment below what you enjoyed. If you didn’t like something let me know, I’m open to positive criticism and opinions. Or if you read a post and it gave you an idea of something you’d like me to talk about feel free to say something! I love talking about stuff that ya’ll find interesting when it relates to something I’ve said. I also try to respond to all my comments, so if you want to tell me something, feel free! Thanks again to everyone who is already liking and following me! It means more to me than ya’ll know!!

Another thing I wanted to discuss was my social media. I created 2 for this blog. I have a Facebook and an Instagram account. I plan to use both a little differently, so if you don’t want to miss out on anything, go ahead and follow them both!

My Facebook I plan to use to keep you all updated on what’s going on in my life. I’ll have posts now and then about something in my life or relating to my blog. I also announce when my blog goes live, I announce the results of the polls I do, I announce the polls, and I also share things I find interesting or that I relate to.

My Instagram I plan to use to share photos of myself and pictures of various things going on in my life. These posts will be different than my Facebook ones. I will be posting most of my photos here. I also will announce when my blog posts go live here as well.

My Facebook will be more news and shorter posts about my life. My Instagram will be photos of me and various events going on in my life. So it’d be awesome if you followed both, so you don’t miss out on any cool stuff. Plus it’d be awesome to get to interact with ya’ll!! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or a like! I don’t bite, lol!

Another thing I wanted to mention real quick, the blog posts I’ve been posting at 7 am Central Time Zone (CST), but I’m going to be changing this to 5 am (CST). So now ya’ll don’t have to be wondering when I’m going to be posting these posts. On that note here is the schedule I’ve come up for the next couple weeks, and also a set schedule of how I want to do things.

My schedule for the rest of this week

  • June 4th (Today):
    • I Went To Bed Too Early” (posted)
    • Update At High Noon” (this post)
      • My schedule for the next couple of weeks
      • A set schedule I’m going to try to stick to
      • A poll on what topic to talk about
    • A Day In The Life Of Mickey
      • A description of what my day is like
  • June 5th (Tomorrow):
    • What Kind of Friend Am I?
      • A follow-up to my post Friendships, I will discuss what kind of friend I need to be.
  • June 6th (Thursday):
    • A post relating to INFJs
  • June 7th (Friday):
    • A post about a personal topic or a topic I find interesting
  • June 8th (Saturday):
    • A post on the topic that was chose most on the poll
    • Announcement on the results of the poll
  • June 9th (Sunday):
    • A post about something spiritual

A set schedule I’m going to stick to

  • June 10th (Monday):
    • A post about something I think about
  • June 11th (Tuesday):
    • A poll about what topic I’m going to discuss the following Saturday. (For June 15th I’m going to discuss the second highest voted on the topic from this week’s poll.)
    • A post about what’s going on in my life
  • June 12th (Wednesday):
    • A post about something funny/unique
  • June 13th (Thursday):
    • A post relating to INFJs
  • June 14th (Friday):
    • A post about a personal topic or something I find interesting
  • June 15th (Saturday):
    • A post about the second highest results of the poll taken on June 4th.
    • Announcement of the results from this week’s poll
  • June 16th (Sunday):
    • A post about something spiritual

So that’s my plan for the next several weeks, and from here on out. All my posts will be launched at 5 am Central Time. So be sure to check them out when they come out!! I hope this all made sense. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to comment below or contact me via my email:

I will be doing one last post later today as I said above in my schedule. So stay tuned later for that! I also wanted to mention before I end this post I do have several cool ideas in mind… So stay on the lookout, you might see some new things here soon… I appreciate every single one of you who read and continue to read my blog. Thank you all so much! I hope you all have a blessed day! Till later today, peace! And God Bless!!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

P.S. – I know I didn’t post anything about the poll. I have something in the works…I tell ya’ll more about it this evening.

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