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Good morning everybody! I hope you all got a good nights rest. I’ll be honest I’m sacrificing mine for this blog post. It’s 10:30 pm and I’m just starting to write it. I’d done it sooner, but I had some school work I needed to get done. On that note I wanted to talk to ya’ll about something about me.

I’m analytical. Very analytical. An example of this is when I’m asked a question. Usually, when I get asked a question, I don’t think of it in a straight forward manner. I see the question from all different angles, the different ways I could respond to the question, and what would be the results of each of my responses. Like when someone asks me where are you from? This question annoys me so much because I never know what to say! I don’t know if they mean where was I from as in where was I born. Or did they mean where was I from as in where do I live now? Nine times out of ten, they want to know where I’m living right now, but my analytical brain doesn’t recognize that right away.

Another example of me being analytical is my attention to small details. Earlier today, I showed my co-worker this water bottle. I pointed out the fact that the water bottle wasn’t as sturdy as the last one I had had that day. The plastic was thinner, the water wasn’t filled up to the cap, and the cap had fewer threads on it than the other water bottle. I noticed all these differences, and my co-worker had not. I see small things like that. Like with my close friends I notice if they put make-up on or not, what kind of shirts they wear, the type of shoes they wear, are they wearing pants or shorts? Did they get a hair cut? Do they have a bandage on somewhere, are they walking with a limp? Small things like I notice. What I’m doing is comparing all the small details to what was normal to the people prior to this moment. Does this person usually wear make-up but didn’t today? Is this person wearing pants on a day when they typically wear shorts? Do they wear different kinds of shoes? So I’m very analytical in that aspect. I’m always comparing what I know to be normal to what I see at the moment. I love, and I’m still trying to predict things and find patterns in peoples lives.

I don’t just try to find patterns in items a person has, but also the way they act. Like what path is an individual likely to take, what are the most likely going to say in response to something I say, what will motivate someone? I do this so I can better relate to individuals, or if I need their help or need to be able to help them, I already know the process by which they work so I can integrate myself into their method of processing quickly. Plus it also adds to some great amusement some times, because if you learn the individual well enough, you can plan mind games with them. People rely heavily on their ability to predict others and facial movements. They also tend to fill in blanks for themselves. If you realize this and give them half a story, they will try to predict the other half. Thus they will come to conclusions on their own that you did not provide them. If you are smart enough, you can manipulate these with facial clues and your ability to predict what the other person will do in response to what you say or do. Here is an example I have of predicting other people. It can be used to your advantage if used properly. I was going to go to a church event with friends, and we all had to bring something to eat or drink. We knew this ahead of time; however, I knew one of the individuals was not going to get their item until the day of the event based on my observations. I was correct, and I did not understand what I needed until that day, either since we were all carpooling. That way I didn’t need to make an extra trip to the store, and I had something to do when we did go to the store. About a month later we have another one of these events to go to. Last event I mentioned that I was able to predict what they were going to do and they didn’t quite believe me. So I predicted this time that the individual I predicted would try to prove me wrong this week and get his item ahead of schedule. My prediction was correct, and he gave the exact reason I expected he would. I planned accordingly and already had a dessert made for that evening. So by using my knowledge of the people and my choice of words, I was able to predict what everyone else was doing so I knew what to do myself.

Another way I’m analytical is when I make a decisions. I tend to take a bit longer than some people because I look at it from all the angles. When someone says do you want ice in your soda I think about where I’m going to be sitting with the drink. Am I going to be inside or outside? Is it hot or cold out to where the ice will melt quicker? Is the cup large or small? The larger the cup the more time the ice has to melt before I finsh my drink. The more the ice melts and the more watered down my soda becomes. Then I have to think about what kind of drink I’m getting, and is it going to be significantly affected by melted ice or not as much? After taking all this in I’m able to make a decisoin on if I want ice or not. All that thinking to figure out if I want ice or not!

Being analytical is a remarkable thing, but sometimes, it can be a struggle. Sometimes it can trip me up. I can over think somethings and second guess myself. Or I will spend too long analyzing I will miss opertunities and chances to jump into conversations. Being analytical is why it’s sometimes hard for us to hold conversations. We can be so focused on analyzing what the other person said that we are too slow in response to the other person. To compensate, we try to hurry up and reply quickly. This rushes us and then causes me to mess up something I said. Then I spend more time analyzing what I said wrong and what I could’ve done better. Speaking of which that’s a part of being analytical that I struggle with. Whenever I mess something up, I tend to think back on what I did or what went wrong. Then I try to analyze the situation and figure out what I did wrong. Why did it mess up? What could I have done better so that doesn’t happen again or that I could’ve done to prevent it from having such a terrible result? Usually, when I am analytical in that aspect, I’m very critical of myself. Because being analytical, I’m very analytical of myself. I’m always trying to analyze who I am, why I am, and why I am doing what I’m doing. While this is a great trait to have for self-improvement. If I’m in a bad mood or upset, this can turn negative. My positive analytical self, which looks for improvement turns into the opposite. When I’m in a negative mindset, my analytical mindset becomes critical and judging. I become hyper-aware of all the small things around me, and if provoked enough, a minor thing will set me off.

I try my hardest to stay positive so that my analytical mindset is one that is looking for ways to improve not tear down. But even when I’m upset and looking for weaknesses in things and people, it’s most of the time directed at myself, since I’m most critical of myself than I am anything.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog! If you were able to relate in any way leave a like and comment below how you were able to relate! I love to hear from ya’ll! Thanks so much for ya’lls time! I hope you all have a blessed day! Till next time, peace! And God Bless!!!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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