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Thanks, everyone who participated in the poll for my topic I’ll discuss next Saturday! It looks like it was a unanimous vote, lol. The topic that everyone voted on was…something about love! I’ll be honest I’m kinda glad that’s what ya’ll choose because I could talk about that subject for hours and hours and never get tired!

I’ve decided to do two posts today. A few weeks ago I did a poll asking you all to choose which topic you wanted me to talk about and well this week topic is going to be about My 3-Parts! I believe that three main parts make me who I am: my mind, heart, and soul. So in that post, I’m going to share with you all why I believe that way. In my second post, I decided to go over another song in my playlist! I enjoyed the last one I did, so I thought I’d try and do another one. So I hope you all enjoy those posts later today!

Thanks so much for all the support I’ve been getting lately! I’ve been loving all the comments!! I hope you all have a blessed day, and I’ll see ya’ll in a little bit. Peace, and God Bless!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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