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That’s right. I made my own word!! I love memories. Memories are such a remarkable thing. I’m the kind of person who cherishes the small memories just as much as the big ones. And it’s crazy too because sometimes I will choose to focus on those memories and other times I’ll just be reminded of them randomly. It’s like keywords or objects will spark something in my mind, and I will instantly recall the memory. It’s weird though because I can’t always explain the memory as well as I can see it. Like I can see the memory and feel the emotion that the memory brought, but I struggle conveying that. Or sometimes one of my memories will get triggered, and I will recall the memory that the group would find funny, but like it’s an odd time to share the memory. So I end up having to keep it to myself because I can’t interject it without being rude or seeming weird. Like: “Where did he come up with that?”

I’ll be honest a lot of the time if I’m not thinking I’m feeling. And when I’m feeling, it’s because I’m experiencing something like a daydream or a memory. I experience good and bad of both; I don’t choose to experience both it’s just what happens. I like I don’t decide to have nightmares, but I still get them. I don’t want to have memories triggered randomly, but they do. But sometimes some fantastic memories come up. Like I will see something, and it could bring me to tears of joy because of how happy the memory made me. Or I will die laughing because the memory was so hilarious. So I love memories. Even the sad ones, because it means I’m human and I’m still alive. I still feel happy and sad. In my happy moments, I can enjoy them, and in my sad moments, it’s where I can learn to grow. As long as I’m not staying stuck in my sad moments, I’m good.

I’ll be honesthonest I struggle sometimes. I try hard not to, but I sometimes end up getting stuck on a sad memory. I will repeat it over and over in my head. Part of me is trying to change the memory. Make it a happy one with no avail. The other side of me wants to figure out what went wrong. Another side of me wants to repeat it over and over so that I know I failed, so that next time I won’t let that same mistake happen again. So there are positives and negatives to it, but I need to get out of focusing on my negative thoughts too long. Because if I do it affects everyone around me, and that’s not fair to them.

But I love the happy moments the best. I love it when I can share a special moment with someone, then a long time later I can bring it up and see the joy on their face. One that they remember the same memory, and two that I remembered it! It’s so awesome to be able to bring something up that makes not only me happy but also them. It’s part of the reason why I love small memories and moments. Because the big moments are fantastic, but not everyone remembers the little moments. And if you treat them right, the little moments can feel ten times better than the big ones. Why? Because you made them special. You took the time and made an effort to make that small moment a big one. I just got a trigger of memory, lol. It’s a silly one too.

So a kid at my church I gave him a pen. I had found it somewhere and needed to do something with it. So I gave it to a kid. But I did it a kinda weird way. (Because I’m funny like that, lol) I pulled him off to the side and put on a severe face. (Which is hard to do since I’m usually always goofing off) I told him, “I have something very special to give you. I need you to take good care of it. It’s a huge responsibility. Can you take care of it for me?” He said yes, so then I pull the pen from behind my back and give it to him. There’s nothing special with the pen! It’s just a pen!! But since I took the time and made that special connection with him, it stuck with him. A week later, I wasn’t even thinking about the pen, but he comes and tells me that he still has the pen. And I’m surprised because I didn’t know he’d keep it. But then that did something to me. It made it a memory for me. You see by me taking the time and making the connection with him it let him have a memory. Then he came back a week a later and made an effort to make a connection with me. So now anytime I see a pen just like the one I gave him I think of him and that moment. Because it’s funny!! So we both took the time to make a meaningful connection, and it paid off. Now we both made a memory. I guarantee you if I went and said something to him about the pen he’d know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s crazy, but it’s true! Something as small as giving someone a pen can become a great memory. I’ve thought about that moment over a dozen times this week because I keep getting triggered every time I see a pen. I have to stop myself from laughing literally.

So I suggest ya’ll try to do what I’m trying to do more and more. Make memories. Take time and connect with people and make small memories. Even if it’s something silly, the memory will stick with you and them. Make happy ones too though. Compliment someone. Tell them congratulations when they succeed, or good try when they fail. People remember when you take the time to put effort into making that connection. Don’t just say it, mean it. Get their attention. If you say it and they don’t pay attention, then they won’t pay attention. But if you get their attention, make sure that they realize that you are putting effort into making that connection, and mean it when you make an effort. Then they will take notice, and it will make them happy and feel good. Because when you take time and put that kind of effort people notice and will remember it. Try it and tell me what you think! It may work out better than you expect!! Thanks, everyone for reading and sticking around! I appreciate every single one of you! Till next time! Peace and God Bless!!!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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