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INFJ Mickey



Pain isn’t wanted,
But sometimes it’s needed.
It’ll make us grow and teach us things,
That maybe we didn’t want to know.

Pain hurts but so does love.
Pain is looked on as evil, but is it?
I mean even the truth hurts.

Sometimes I wish the pain would stop,
But then I realized…
If you want love,
You’re going to get pain.

So I’m going to deal with the pain.
Let it grow me, let it teach me.
Don’t let it break me,
Don’t let it kill me.

But let it stretch me,
And let it pull me,
Turn me into something new.
Something better and wiser.

I’m gonna say no to easy,
And yes to hard.
Because anything good,
is worth fighting for.

So what’s a little pain today,
If it means I’ll be happy one day?

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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