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INFJ Mickey



Get up and put the mask on.
Choose the smile,
Whiten the teeth.
Put on a clean shirt,
Wipe off the dirt.
Make an appearance,
Don’t let them feel the distance.
Between heart and mind,
Don’t let them find,
What’s going on inside.

The storm that’s raging,
I’ve got an act I’m staging.
The smile on my face,
Is just part of the race.
To get through the day,
In hope the pain will go away.

My friends are knocking,
My family stalking.
Why can’t I get a break?
Doesn’t matter.
Deliver the steak.
Put it on the platter.
Give them what they want.
The smile on my face.

Maybe a laugh or two.
Maybe it’ll do.
Let them think everything’s fine,
Just let them dine.
Forget the time.
Keep up the rhymes.
Just as long as they don’t see,
Tears rolling down cheeks,
Or the pain I’ve been feeling for weeks.

Roll the cart out,
Give a joyous shout.
A high five to a friend,
Try to make amend,
The pain dealt,
When that’s all that could be felt.

Deal out the cards,
Tear apart the hearts.
But don’t let them see the pieces.
Just give them Reeses.
Keep playing the game,
Let them think you’re still the same.
That you haven’t changed.
Don’t let them see you’re stained.

Don’t let them see the scars,
Hide behind the bars.
Turn the music up.
Hand them a pretty pup.
Pass out distractions,
While you hide your contractions.

Head in my hands,
Sitting alone in the stands.
Lyrics on my lips,
Full of passion,
Drenched in emotion.
Words following from my tongue,
Yet only understood by some.
Don’t worry I’m almost done.

This race is almost over.
Just kidding it’s not.
You’re just in a different spot.
The race continues,
It never ends.
Till one day someone mends,
This shattered heart…

~~~ INFJ Mickey

3 comments on “Eat Up

  1. bubblybeliever77 says:

    Wow…I felt so much emotion in this poem. I could feel the pain, the hurt, and brokenness. It was very well written. The best poems that are written are the ones you can feel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      Thanks so much! I did put a bit more effort into this poem than I usually do. I was trying to write something that conveyed more emotion and passion. So I’m really glad you were able to feel the emotion!

      Liked by 1 person

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