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Word Wednesday: Pain

So today is Wednesday! Ya’ll know what that means? It’s Word Wednesday. Lol, I know I mentioned that I was going to start doing Word Wednesday weeks ago, but several things have been going on, and I haven’t stayed true to that… But here we are finally doing our first one! I’ll give ya’ll a bit of a refresher though before I get into it. I’m using Word Wednesday to go over a particular word. I’m going to choose a word then talk about it. What I think about it and how I would define it. Things like that. I’m using Word Wednesday to dissect different words. Tonight’s word I want to examine is “pain.”

1. Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.

2. Careful effort; great care or trouble


These are the two definitions I found off of Google. I think of the first definition when I hear the word pain. Pain, to me, is discomfort in some shape or form. But I believe there’s more to it than that. I think there’s a reason behind the pain. No one is in pain just because there’s always a reason. You might not know the reason, but there is a reason. I believe there isn’t only one kind of pain either, and when I say that I realize that there are different kinds of kinds. Like I could be talking about mental or physical pain, or I could be talking about productive and unproductive pain. I think there are some kinds of pains that are not productive, and there is no benefit behind the pain — for example, stubbing your toe, getting stung by a wasp, running into a wall, etc. There’s no benefit from these things. Given there are some unusual cases where you may benefit from some of these cases, but for the most part, it’s uncommon.

Now I believe there is productive pain. Pain can bring some benefit to you. For example, getting your eyebrows waxed so that you look good. Getting spanked as a kid so that you learn right from wrong. Getting stitches so you can heal properly. These are things where the pain is necessary so you can acquire something. What I’ve been learning recently is the more I examine the different kinds of pain I’m experiencing. I can usually see how the pain is benefiting me. I can see how even though it hurts, it’s growing and stretching me. I mean even stepping out of your comfort zone can hurt, but sometimes you need to grow. That’s just something I’ve been learning over time. But it also works the opposite way too. By examining my pain, I’m able to see if it is benefiting me or not. If it’s not, then there is no point in remaining in that pain. It needs to be removed. Otherwise, it will just become a hindrance. We’ve all heard the saying, “No pain, no gain.” But if that pain isn’t productive, then there will be no gain. Well, a positive benefit that is.

I probably could go into more detail into this, but I’ll be honest I’m beat, and I have to be up early tomorrow, so I’m going to end it here. If ya’ll want part 2 leave a comment and I can do a better more in-depth post! Leave a like if you enjoyed it and want to see more Word Wednesdays! Thank you, everyone, for your love and support! Till next time. Peace and God Bless!!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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