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INFJ Mickey



Starting out my day,

This is going to be my longest one yet,
How much you wanna bet?
I grab my pad and my pen,
I go take a seat in my den.

I shut the door and all the sound,
And I begin the therapy I’ve found.
I pour out emotion,
I push out passion.
I drink this refreshing potion,
Like NF, this is my therapy session.

I begin to write things I’m dealing with,
I get rid of all this filth.
I empty my thoughts,
The things I’ve fought.
I talk about battles I’ve won,
And the ones I’m fighting.
I’m not done,
But I’m winning.

I finish the letter and sign my name,
And wonder is what I wrote lame?
What will friends and family think?
Should I even send them a link?
But I hit publish,
And send it out with a wish.

Because I realize words have power.
They can either build or devour.
So which is better?
To let them go,
And write this long letter.
Or let it boil inside,
And just have to hide.

Ya’ll this isn’t me,
Why can’t ya’ll see?
As soon as the letter is signed,
It’s off my mind.
When my pen stops,
I begin to feel peace,
Because of my release.

I think of other things,
Not of pain and heartbreak,
I begin to sing,
I forget the ache.
Black and white fades away,
And I see color through out the day.

I go to work,
I’m not wading through murk.
I hangout with friends,
Who help me make amends.
I find distractions,
I have some fun.
I’m learning construction.
And I run in the sun.

God’s been dealing,
And I’ve been healing.
I do have pain,
But what’s pain if there’s no gain?
God’s growing and stretching me,
Into who He wants me to be.

So don’t be sad,
Be glad.
That I’m here today,
And able to say,
I’ve found a therapy.
I may look like a catastrophe,
But that’s just my punching bag.

Wonder what’s going on?
Imagine if this were a song.
I’m just trying to stay salty and lit,
Using my wit.
Trying to follow the will of God,
While working on this bod.
That’s all,
So you don’t have to call.

I’m not leaving,
I’m not going anywhere.
I mean who leaves when they’re winning?
So I definitely wouldn’t dare.
So don’t worry,
Because then I’d be sorry.

But this is helping me.
Please try and see,
It may seem depressing,
But that’s not how I’m always feeling.
I’d be lying if I said,
This isn’t how I feel sometimes.
But it’s just how life was laid.
Try and read between my rhymes.

This is my life and my story,
I’m not trying to hurry.
I’m trying to do things right,
So let’s not fight.
Just let me heal,
I’m going to finish my meal.

So don’t be afraid about my intensity,
This is just my therapy.

~~~ INFJ Mickey

2 comments on “Therapy

  1. Elber Oum says:

    So mow you are heading towards long poems as well lol 🙈 (just kidding) loved this one 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      Yeah…when I get passionate it just kinda happens… Glad you loved it!! Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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