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INFJ Mickey




I have this cake,
I didn’t have to bake.
The whole cake was given,
It was God’s decision.

He designed and created it,
The way He saw fit.
He gave it to a couple to decorate.
It wasn’t just by fate.

They spread a little love here,
A little correction there.
They spent time,
Till they thought it was fine.

They finished with pride,
They didn’t want to hide.
What God has given them,
And He did not condemn.

God created,
They decorated.
Till the one day,
I was given a say.

I looked at the cake,
Wondered if there was a mistake.
Was it supposed to look this way?
Can I get a return if I may?

I took out the receipt,
I looked at it on repeat.
The cake was made exactly as described,
Exactly how God designed.

But something still looked off to me,
Why can’t no one else see?
Doesn’t it look weird or funny?
Surely it’s not as sweet as honey!

I decided to make some changes,
I flipped through the pages,
Of this cookbook I’d found,
Out back on the ground.

It was titled: “Worldly Desires”
I saw things on flyers,
That looked so good,
I thought I understood.

I began to change and shape,
My own little cake.
Into what I thought I wanted,
Something I thought people liked.

Awhile later,
I became a waiter.
I tried to serve my cake,
But that was a mistake.

No one wanted what I had to offer,
I tried to make it softer.
But to no avail,
It was still a fail.

I decided to try the cake myself,
The taste made me put it on the shelf.
It was a horrible taste,
I thought: “What a waste!”

The original looked better,
I wished later,
That I could take it back,
Fix the things that were out of whack.

But then God came,
He said you’ll never be the same.
But give me the cake,
I can fix what you break.

So I handed it back with guilt,
Wishing I was a flower that’d wilt.
But He said not worry,
It was just part of the story.

Next thing I know,
He’s telling me to go.
And idk what to do,
He just told me out of the blue.

So I leave and walk around,
Staring at the ground.
Wondering if my cake would be fixed,
Because God’s bakery was packed.

Weeks passed,
Pain, hurt, and confusion amassed.
But then one day,
I didn’t know what to say.

God showed up on my land.
With my cake in His hand.
He handed it to me and said:
Let me show you what I see instead.

He let me see through his eyes,
The cake and to my surprise,
It was perfect,
Without defect.

The cake was amazing,
And the taste was mesmerizing.
I thanked God with all my heart,
For letting me see His work of art.

Then I looked back at the cake,
I saw something I knew wasn’t fake.
There were a few words on top,
It made my heart stop.

What it said was true,
“This cake is YOU

~~~ INFJ Mickey

2 comments on “Cake

  1. Elber Oum says:

    Just WOW 🙈💖 the kind of stuff i like! It captures all your senses until the last word 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      So glad it kept you on the edge of your seat! 😂 I really enjoyed writing this one!

      Liked by 1 person

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