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INFJ Mickey



Old Friend

Third time I’ve started this poem,
I’m ‘bout to start throwing them.
Am I mad or am I sad?
Whatever it is it’s bad.

I did something to a friend,
What it is don’t know.
I tried to amend,
But I don’t know where else to go.

Nothing is working,
It feels like I’m sinking.
My longest friendship I’ve tried to save,
A new road I’ve tried to pave.

A request I thought was small,
Instead made us fall.
Now my friend is mad,
Which has made me sad.

What can I do?
Even if I want to,
I can’t talk to someone,
Who feels like it’s done.

Now I’m alone,
Just sitting with my phone.
Wishing I could text my friends,
But I can’t seem to make amends.

Maybe this was just meant to be,
Everyone gone but me.
I guess it’s back to the old days,
Back to my old ways…

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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