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So a friend of mine suggested this as a topic for my blog, and I agree it is a good idea because I’m not sure if anyone else deals with things the same way I do. Or maybe lots of people do the same things as me, idk.

So when a high-stress situation arises, how do I handle it? Well, to be honest, it depends on the situation. Is the situation causing me high stress or someone else? If it’s causing someone else high stress, I’m a lot calmer, and I analyze the situation and try to solve the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible. I try to calm the other person down while also trying to provide a logical solution. Or if there isn’t one provide support and encouragement.

Now if I’m the one experiencing the high stress, then it depends on the situation. If an issue arises and it has to be solved, I go into instant fix mode. I’m like, “Go! Go! Go!” I want to find the quickest solution to the issue to end the stress as fast as possible. Regardless of the cost sometimes. When I’m in this mindset, I get a little panicky and tend not to think clearly because my main focus is solving the issue to end the stress. I hate failing, so when I’m in a high-stress situation, the pressure to resolve the issue quickly and not have any problems increases exponentially. But if the issue is an emotional one, like getting my heartbroken, I react differently, because there isn’t a problem to be solved. My initial reaction is me being shocked. I’m ok mentally, and I can reason for brief time because I’m in such a shocked state emotionally. But after a little while, my mind goes insane. It’s like my mind finally realizes that I’m hurting so bad, and when it experiences stress, it tries and solves the problem. But when there’s no problem to address my mind starts spinning out of control. Since I’m an introvert when I’m stressed out, my initial reaction won’t be to express what I’m feeling. It will be the opposite, and I will retreat into myself. When I’m stressed out, I will get quieter, not louder. I won’t talk to anyone about anything. When I’m in such a stressed-out state, I will probably try and avoid people. I might be on my phone more, and I might do more activities to avoid people. I’m just so stressed out I can’t spend the energy to interact with others. I wish to be alone and try and solve my issues, which is stupid because my mind is trying to resolve a problem that can’t be explained. It’s an endless loop.

So what have I learned with dealing with stress? Well, I realize when I’m stressed out, I need to be alone. Talking to people is a horrible idea because my mind isn’t functioning correctly so I can’t speak logically. I will say things that don’t make sense, or I will say things I wouldn’t usually say. So when I get stressed out, I need to take a step back and calm myself down, then try and come back and solve the problem. I’ve come to realize that I can’t just jump right in and try and resolve the issue. I need to give myself time to make a decision, because a lot of times I will try and solve the problem asap, and that will cause more issues. So when I get stressed out, I need to get some space and be patient. That’s what I’ve learned.

So now I’m curious. How do ya’ll deal with stress, and what do you do when you are in a high-stress situation? Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something. Till next time. Peace and God Bless!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

4 comments on “INFJ And High Stress

  1. Elber Oum says:

    Been reading so i can keep up with your posts and sorry i ve been too busy to read all the posts but now i have some time so i assigned that 😊
    Well, do you live inside my head? 🙈 it’s exactly the same but one thing is different is that add extra sensitivity and when ppl are involved i just cry instead of talking bcs i can’t just explain what i’m feeling i cry instead like i dnt choose but that’s what happens, i dnt talk as well bcs i just feel they won’t understand and instead of helping they just look for other stuff to blame me for they dnt see my side of the story and why i’m hurt that’s why i dnt like to talk abt it as soon as it happens i tell them later just like a story and keep them updated on my life, but if this situation is an argument or a misunderstanding i know ppl’s automode is self defense they won’t see your side no matter what and that’s normal so as soon as i get in an argumemt i try to drop out only if they keep teasing me and i try hard not to talk then i would say a thing or two and leave to somewhere where i can process the situation, save it, forget abt it but not forget abt the pain ofc that ll always be in the back of my mind like i dnt choose to but that’s what happens like my mind wants to remember this so it knows how to behave with this person frm then on … (sorry for the long comment, i tried to keep it short but …)

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    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      Lol, well you touched on a lot of the same things that I think like too. I’m overly sensitive too, but I hide it a lot more than people realize. I may not have a good poker face, but something literally can bother me for a week or longer and no one will know.

      Sometimes I don’t talk with people well is because I feel like they won’t understand me. So I totally understand that. I also more of struggle with them trying to help me. I don’t usually get blamed for stuff, but sometimes people try to help me when I don’t necessarily need or want it. Like I’m just trying to vent here, that’s all.

      I totally understand keeping people updated on things, but like if I know the person isn’t going to recieve it well, then I just avoid bringing it up. I try and avoid arguments like the plague, lol. Like there’s just no point.

      Lol, you’re good. I can type just as long comments. Glad to hear you’re catching up!! I understand getting busy with life. My life is about to get even crazier.

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  2. Elber Oum says:

    Yupe totally the same, and you are self sufficient as well bcs that’s what i’m too, telling ppl stuff doesn’t mean i need their help sometimes i’m long done with it when they try to help and i be like “nah just listen fnt react lol”, yupe me as well, if i see they wnt receive it the way i want it i just avoid it bcs there is no point really in telling someone like that …

    Life gives you lemons because she knows you are able to make the sweetest juice out of it! So bring that blender on it’s max .. you can do it 💪

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    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      That’s awesome you understand! Yep turn that blender on high, lol!

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