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So we are going to have a packed day today!! It is currently 2:41 am when I’m writing this. That goes to show you how devoted I am to getting this out to you. I have to be up at 6 am, so like this is almost an all-nighter for me, lol. Including this post, I’m going to have SIX posts coming out today!! So I hope ya’ll are excited and ready for this!

Before I share what the other five posts are I would like to announce the winner of the poll for next Saturday’s topic. Apparently, almost everyone wants to know what I’m afraid of. So next Saturday I’m going to do a post on my fears… I also tried something new and did a fun post asking what color you thought was my favorite. Well almost everyone got it right! My favorite color is red! Sorry if you didn’t get it right this week. There’s always next week!! But now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about today’s posts. So I do have five more posts coming out. Last week there was a three-way tie for the topic, so I decided to do all three today! Not only that I’m also releasing a new poem, and I’m trying something new… Sticky Notes!!

The Sticky Note idea is to try and help me create shorter content. So they are going to be posts of a certain verse, quote from somewhere, thoughts I’ve had, or a very short poem. It’s just something I thought ya’ll enjoy. Kind of like a small appetizer before the big meal. I would love to hear ya’lls thoughts on it. Do you like it? Am I wasting my time on it? Things like that. On that note here is what today’s schedule is going to look like:

Overflowing Update5 am
Diving Into The Song #3 8 am
My Friends?11 am
INFJ And High Stress2 pm
Sticky Note #15 pm
Q&A With Mickey8 pm

So the Overflowing Update is obviously this post. I’ll then be dissecting one of NF’s new songs he just came out with. Then I’ve got a new poem about something I’m dealing with. INFJ And High Stress is about how I deal with high stress. Then we have the new Sticky Note post, which I hope ya’ll enjoy. And lastly, definitely the best post, in my opinion, Q&A With Mickey. So if you want to know more about me like who my celebrity crush is…then stick around till 8 pm! I hope ya’ll enjoy all these posts I have going out today! Don’t forget to leave a like so I know to do more posts like those! Or leave a comment! I love hearing from ya’ll. Thanks again everyone for all the support and interaction! I couldn’t do this without ya’ll! Till later today… Peace and God Bless!!!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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