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So I’m not going to lie I borrowed these questions from a website. I thought they were fun, so I figured I would go ahead and answer most of them! But I would love to do another Q&A full of questions from ya’ll! So if you have a question, you’d like me to answer leave it in the comments below!! On that note, let’s get into it!

Question #1: Where did you grow up?

I grew up all over the place, but mostly in Alabama…Roll Tide!

Question #2: Where do you currently live?

Roll Tide…

Question #3: Who is your first best friend?

So I’m not sure I understand the question. Do they want to know who is my best friend right now, or who was my first best friend? I’m going to go with who was my first best friend. I consider my friend Savanah to be my first best friend. Also my longest-running friendship too, lol.

Question #4: How tall are you?

I’m 2″ away from 6 foot… (5’10”)

Question #5: Dogs or Cats?

Both…obviously… But if I had to choose one I’d have to choose dogs because I’ve always wanted a golden retriever. I’m going to get one…one day…

Question #6: Funniest moment throughout high school?

I have no earthly idea, lol. How am I supposed to choose one moment in four years?! Like that’s got to be an impossible question.

Question #7: What year were you born?

1999…barely lol.

Question #8: Are you in/have you gone to college?

I am currently in college, going for two Electrical Associate Degrees and a basket full of certificates.

Question #9: What is your favorite drink?

Mountain Dew hands down. I probably drink it more than water… I know it’s terrible, but it’s sooooo good, lol.

Question #10: What is your spirit animal and why?

I don’t believe in spirit animals, but if I did have one, it’d probably be a wolf. Or at least that’s what I’d hope because wolves are my favorite animal, and I kinda view myself as a lone wolf.

Question #11: You’re wearing perfume, what scent is it?

First off if you ever catch me wearing perfume slap me. I don’t wear perfume, but I do wear cologne. I recently bought a new type of cologne called Surf. I’ve yet to hear any comments about it so idk if that’s a good thing or not, lol. Like what is silence supposed to mean??

Question #12: Tea or Coffee?

Coffee all day! I drink a cup off coffee every morning. Idk what I’d do without it!

Question #13: What are your life goals?

Top of the list is to get married and have kids. But I’d also love to stay as close to debt-free as possible. I also really want to own one or multiple businesses one day. Also, have a really nice sports car of sorts. That’s pretty much it, lol. Sweet and simple.

Question #14: What sports do you play or have played?

Well, right now I don’t play anything like on a team, but I will play any sport if asked. I love sports! Volleyball and Ultimate frisbee are my favorites, but I’ll play any. I used to play baseball and soccer team growing up, but I stopped after a few years.

Question #15: Have any books you read changed your life?

Yep, especially one. The Bible.

Question #16: What is your favorite movie?

Hands down Star Wars. I’m so excited for the newest one to come out.

Question #17: Who are your favorite YouTubers?

It really depends on when you ask me because it changes often. Right now it’s The Office and various BMW youtube videos. But in the past, it’s been PreacherLawson, Dude Perfect, Practical Jokers, College Humor, Cut, Frank James, Jackfrostminer, Vetoed, Proximity, etc. It really depends lol.

Question #18: Do you speak any languages and how well?

I speak English semi-well. I have my bad days… I know some Spanish but not a lot. I used to know a bit of sign language too, but I’m really rusty on it.

Question #19: Are you single or taken?

As single as single can get.

Question #20: What is your idea of your dream date?

My dream date is picking up a girl up at her house. Both of us dressed up nicely. Take her to a really nice romantic restaurant. Have an awesome conversation and get to really connect with her — lots of laughter and smiling. Then afterward we go and see a movie; it honestly doesn’t matter what kind. Well, I take it back if it was a scary or sad movie that caused her to want to hold my hand that’d be awesome. Then after the movie, I take her home, which allows us to have another great conversation — hopefully a deeper one than earlier. Hopefully set up the next date. Then I drop her off at her house. Then as soon as I get into my car, I get a text from her. I honestly don’t even care what it says as long as it’s something sweet. Then I go home and beyond happy. I’ll probably be dancing in my car, lol. It might be really corny, but I’ve had that dream for years.

Question #21: How long was your longest relationship?

Surprise! I’ve never been in a relationship.

Question #22: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Well, it’s gradually getting better, in my opinion. I’d describe it as a street hipster type of look. Cool yet casual. Some of my friends think it’s a bit crazy, but it makes me feel more confident so idk what to do lol.

Question #23: What is your go-to hairstyle?

Baseball cap or just let it do its own thing. I recently got a hair cut that allows my haircut to be curly. Apparently, people like it…

Question #24: What is your go-to fast food order?

Taco Bell $5 Box. Best deal ever, lol.

Question #25: Do you use PC or Mac?

At home PC. At work Mac. I prefer the Mac though 😦

Question #26: Your most memorable vacation memory?

When I was a little kid, my dad invited my brother under the covers because it was really cold. (We were camping in cold weather) Well, they both got completely under the covers…and my brother has a really bad fart that stunk up the whole tent. It’s a family favorite story that no one can forget. Especially my dad…

Question #27: What are your morning, evening routines?

This is a rather long question. How about instead ya’ll leave a comment below if you think I should do a vlog about my morning and evening routines or not.

Question #28: Do you have any bad habits?

Yeah, I tend to zone out a lot when I’m in a group setting. Then I lose track of the conversation. I feel so bad, but my mind gets distracted so easily!

Question #29: Tell us one thing about you that we wouldn’t know?

I really want to learn how to do a backflip…

Question #30: What is your favorite Netflix show?

Quantico easily. It’s a really cool show about an FBI agent who is trying to catch a criminal. It’s hard to explain you’d just have to watch it.

Question #31: Show us your songs tab on Spotify

Sorry I use Apple Music…

Question #32: What is the craziest thing you have done?

You know I’ve done so many crazy things I can’t choose just one. You should just ask my friends. I’m sure they could share several stories with you lol.

Question #33: What theme parks have you been too?

I’ve been to Six Flags, White Water, Disney World, and several others I can’t remember the names to. But Disney was definitely the best by far.

Question #34: Who was your childhood best friend?

We moved around so much I don’t think I ever had one till I met Savanah. That’s just my opinion. My mom might tell you differently, lol.

Question #35: What is your favorite genre of film and why?

I love sci-fi because I love seeing the cool technology. I love technology, so I love to see new and futuristic tech and I try to imagine what life would be like if it existed today.

Question #36: What was your dream job as a kid?

For the longest time, I wanted to join the army believe it or not. Then as I got older, I realized that wasn’t for me.

Question #37: What is your coffee order?

Venti White Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot of espresso and five pumps of toffee nut syrup. Best coffee ever.

Question #38: What is your favorite thing to order on UberEats?

I’ve never used UberEats, but once I do I’ll let ya’ll know!

Question #39: Have you moved from home, where to and how was the experience?

I’ve moved many times, to different places each time. Most times, it was a fun experience. Each move was an adventure. But after a while, you get tired of moving, and you want to settle down and stay in one spot so you can make friends.

Question #40: Have you ever failed at anything and what did you learn?

I failed at beating my brother in Halo years ago. I learned that if you want to be the best, you have to put the time and work into it, which is exactly what I did. I ended up being 8th best in the world at one point because of it.

Question #41: How many countries have you traveled to?

At least 3. Probably more but I’m not sure exactly how many. I’d have to ask my parents.

Question #42: Who is your celebrity crush?

You know I’ve never been asked this before… So don’t tell anyone…but probably either Natalie Portman or Daisy Ridley.

Question #43: Do you have any pets? Show them to us!

Sorry, I don’t have any pets yet. But I hope to eventually!!!

Question #44: What are your pet peeves?

Man, I have too many. But I just don’t say anything, so people don’t know about them, lol. One of them is when people make plans and don’t stick to them. Like if you say you’re going to be somewhere make sure you’re there man. Or at least let a guy know if you won’t be able to make it.

Question #45: What do you do in your free time?

Hang out with friends, work, clean, my blog, or youtube.

Question #46: Do you have any weird quirks?

Don’t we all? I’m like the least pickiest eater on the planet. If someone dares me to try and eat something I will without hesitation 90% of the time. I’ll sometimes eat weird things just to gross other people out, lol. It’s so much fun.

Question #47: Do you know your personality type? What is it?

Yep, my personality type is INFJ. Don’t know what it is? Check out my page: What Is An INFJ? It explains it there!

Question #48: Have you been to any concerts or Festivals? Which were the most memorable?

I’ve been to Winter Jam multiple times with my youth group. They are always memorable. I’ve also been to a Peanut Festival multiple times. Those are really cool.

Question #49: What are your favorite values in friends?

Loyalty, Honesty, and Reliability are the main three for me.

Question #50: What is one thing you wished people know about you?

It’s gonna sound stupid, but the fact I love compliments. Words mean more to me than people realize. I took the Love Languages test and found I’d maxed out Word of Affirmation, and it’s true. Sometimes a compliment means more to me than someone giving me a gift.

Question #51: What social media are you addicted to?

I would say none, but others may argue. But I can drop any at any point without any withdrawals.

Question #52: How do you get along with your family?

My family is very close. I’d say in some ways we’ve gone more distant over the years, but in others, we’ve grown closer. But I’d say we are closer than a lot of families.

Question #53: Who is your role model?

Definitely my dad. He’s successful at anything he does and has excellent work ethics. He has a great relationship with God and very wise. He’s definitely someone I strive to be like.

Question #54: You are going out with friends, describe your night.

Usually, we end up going to our friend’s dad’s house where we eat dinner. Then we all hang out and watch tv/play some game till everyone is tired. Then we all go to our own homes and go to bed.

Question #55: What are you happiest with in your life?

The family God gave me. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I know they always have my back no matter what I’m going through.

So that’s all 55 questions! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you learned something about me! If you had any more questions, you wanted me to answer leave a comment below!! I’d love to hear from ya’ll! Thanks so much for reading! Till next time. Peace and God Bless!!!

6 comments on “Q&A With Mickey!

  1. ❦Kara❦ says:

    Beautiful answers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elber Oum says:

    I didn’t count and it didn’t feel like 55 Questions though lol🙈
    And about Perfum, silence means alot of things and everyone has their own definition of silence and reasons to .. for me i wouldn’t voice my opinion as well bcs that cologne is your choice and i can’t just say the tiniest thing bcs that sounds like high key controlling people and i never want that and i dnt want to be even misunderstood as one lol 😂
    And you too moved alot, that was new 😶🙈
    Thank you for sharing these with us 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      Lol, well the problem is I can see many different reasons the silence could mean.

      #1) Like you said they just don’t want to come across as controlling. They feel like it’s my choice and they don’t want to say something to sway my decision.

      #2) They don’t like it but don’t want to hurt my feelings.

      #3) They like it but don’t feel comfortable saying anything.

      #4) They didn’t notice.

      #5) They don’t like it, but they like it better than my other one. So they don’t want to say something and then I go back to the other one.

      #6) They don’t care one way or the other.

      #7) They like it but not enough to say anything.

      And I have a lot more scenarios too, but you can see how it’s playing out in my brain… lol.

      Glad you learned something new about me! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it! You’re welcome!! I enjoyed doing this kind of a post!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Elber Oum says:

    I know lol same here i just didn’t want to write them all as the comment was already long just with that 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. INFJ Mickey says:

      Lol, yeah that’d be a really long comment…

      Liked by 1 person

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