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Dreams on the run,
This’ll be fun.
Run, jump, touch the sun.
Chasing dreams all the time,
Searching for one that’s more than fine.
The one that’s one of a kind.
Find the one that’s different.
Grasp the one that’s the most distant.
But is it really that far?
Can you get there in a car?

Wanna be a star
Wanna be famous
Waiting for the call
Get in a new car
Show my craziness
Stand above them all
Show them I’ll go far
Call me outrageous
I’m feeling mental
I’m chasing my dream
Busting at the seam
Looking for the thing
That’ll make me sing
Hope I can’t constrain
Wiping off this stain
Look out the window
Head on my pillow
Where do I go next
Delete all this text
Move to the next step
Dance to the dubstep
I don’t want a job
Where I’m not on top
Need more dough
Is it worth it though
Want a taste of fame
Hear them shout my name
But that’s just a dream
Or so it would seem

Dreams on the run,
This’ll be fun.
Run, jump, touch the sun.
Go chase them down.
You heard that sound?
Come in and listen hard,
Because I can’t hear the silence,
Forgot how to put up my defense.
May seem like I want to be a king,
But all I want is to get a ring.
But I’m gonna keep dreaming,
Of the passion I’m chasing.

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