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INFJ Mickey



Follow your heart,
And you’ll fall apart.
Follow your mind,
Trying to be one of a kind.
You’ll see it’s not who you want to be.
Who do you want everyone to see?
A person trying to pretend?
Or someone who’s trying to defend.
Everyone will give you advice,
It’s not always nice.
Motive is sometimes hard to determine,
Listen to others or listen to mine?

Follow your friends,
And you’ll have to make amends.
Follow your family,
And you’ll live happily.
Or at least for awhile,
But you know it’s not your heart’s desire.
You can do a lot of good,
Knock on wood.
But if it’s not right to do,
Will you end up black and blue?
You want to know a secret?
You wanna know how to make it?

Follow the old and wise,
They are the young’s allies.
But even the wise can send you to your demise.
Follow your peers,
Then they’ll make you face your fears.
But at least they’ll wipe away the tears.
Age doesn’t matter in the end,
Don’t believe what I say can stand?
Even someone great,
Can make a mistake.
No one is perfect,
I’m sorry if I’m being too direct.

Follow someone cool,
You’ll end up a fool.
Follow someone simple,
You’ll lose sight of what’s meaningful.
Follow someone out going,
You’ll end up out back vomiting.
Follow someone quiet,
Your mind will riot.
Follow someone rich,
You’ll gain a lonely itch.
Follow someone poor,
You’ll end up always wanting more.
Follow someone spiritual,
You’ll receive a new life manual.
Follow yourself,
You’ll end up like a hollow shell.

Who do I follow?
Where do I go?
Thoughts ringing in my head,
Till my face turns red.
Want to make the right decision,
But everyone has their own vision.
Can’t tell me what’s right,
I’ve been up all night.
But that’s alright.
I found the answer to the question.
It didn’t relive the tension,
But that’s because of my indigestion.

Follow God when you are sad,
He’ll remind you of all happiness you’ve had.
Follow God when you‘re confused,
And the darkness He will remove.
Follow God when you’re down and lonely,
He’ll show you, you need Him only.
Follow God when everything is going wrong.
He’ll show He’s been there all along.
Follow God when you’re hurt,
Because the pain He will divert.
Follow God through thick and thin.
Because He’s the only one who can get rid of sin.

Follow God,
He’ll leave you awed.
He’s the only one with all the answers.
I mean He’s the one who sets all the standards.
Want to know your direction?
Run to His affection.
He has a plan,
Even if we don’t understand.
He’ll take us places we don’t like,
So get ready for a hike.
But at the end of the road you know what you’ll see?
Him and all His glory.

~~~ INFJ Mickey

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