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My Upbeat Playlist

Playlist updated 6/16/19

Here is my Upbeat playlist as promised! These are songs that overtime have become personal to me. Usually in each song there is at least a single phrase that really hits me in one way or another. Some songs deeper than others. Some of the songs mean more to me now than they did before, and vice versa. I’m going to try and keep this playlist updated over time. I may add or take away some songs. I hope you all enjoy the songs as much as I do! Till next time. Peace and God Bless!

~~~ INFJ Mickey

WARNING: In order to share the playlist with ya’ll I had to use Spotify. (I usually use Apple Music) I listen to only the clean versions of all these songs. There are a couple songs that Spotify did not have the clean versions for. So if you listen to the songs off of Spotify a couple of the songs will have some foul language. I recommend that if you want to listen to the clean versions please look them up on Youtube or Apple Music! (That’s what I do!)

List Of All The Songs

  • My Own Hero —- Andy Grammer, 2019 (added 6/11/19)
  • Bones (feat. OneRepublic)Galantis, 2019
  • Girls Like YouMaroon 5, 2017
  • Cold (feat. Future)Maroon 5, 2017
  • Sugar Maroon 5, 2014
  • Maps Maroon 5, 2014
  • Beautiful GoodbyeMaroon 5, 2012
  • Tell Me You Love MeGalantis & Throttle, 2017
  • Happy Together (feat. Ray Toro)Gerard Way, 2019
  • Smoke ClearsAndy Grammer, 2017
  • Sinking Jeremy Zucker, 2016
  • Upside Down (feat. Daniel James)Jeremey Zucker, 2016
  • wildfire Jeremy Zucker, 2018
  • sometimes Chelsea Cutler, 2019
  • please Chelsea Cutler & Jeremy Zucker, 2019
  • you were good to meJeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler, 2019
  • the broken hearts clubGnash, 2018
  • Don’t Give Up On MeAndy Grammer & R3HAB, 2019

I haven’t retired any songs yet, but I may eventually!

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